CodeIgniter: HMVC Multi Projects

Nếu bạn đang muốn xây dựng hệ thống website với 1 source duy nhất nhưng có thể chạy nhiều project? Thì đây! ngay bên dưới, là source codeigniter HMVC multi project – đúng cái bạn cần nhé.

Link source github:

Còn đây là nội dung file readme của tác giả.


Codeigniter HMVC for Multi Projects

these Codeigniter folders are combining source code from internet and the modules folder separates the apps. it could be setup differently for each of them


You have to edit some config

  1. go to projectapp folder
  2. application/config.php ( landing page )
  3. projectapp/application/modules/appone/index.php ( landing page for appone )
  4. projectapp/application/modules/apptwo/index.php ( landing page for apptwo )

on those index.php, please edit on $application_folder = ‘application/modules/’;

  1. projectapp/application/modules/appone/config/config.php
  2. projectapp/application/modules/appone/config/config.php

on those config.php, change to suit your configuration and also the files that need to be changed

Thanks to Froala, Codeigniter and Wiredesignz ::love::

Hy vọng hữu ích với bạn!


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