How to use htaccess to secure, manage and optimise your website

Craig Parker our resident SEO Expert has put together a detailed document
on using htaccess to how to manipulate htaccess to help secure and
manage your site.
Craig discusses the three major uses for htaccess, security, redirects and
optimisation and gives you the code examples to implement them on your
site as well as explaining how each one works so you have a better idea of
how to manage your site.
The guide also comes with an example htaccess file, it contains all the code samples that are
discussed in the document so all you need to do is customise and enable commands to use on your
One of the hardest things about htaccess is finding reliable information, there are so many code
samples out there, often bogged down inside complicated questions or multilevel rules that simply
don’t apply to most sites, our collect features easy to follow code examples and rules which should
be useful on a day to day basis for all your affiliate marketing sites.
All this code has been tested multiple times but please keep in mind some hosts place specific
restrictions on htaccess access and functionality, we can’t possibly account for all these variations
but on the whole these rules should work with your hosting provider, if you find specific problems
don’t hesitate to try contacting your hosting company and see how they can help.

Bấm để tải:  htaccess-guide.pdf

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