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Xamarin Newsletter

September 2018

Welcome to the September 2018 edition of the Xamarin Newsletter! As summer starts turning to fall, we have a lot of updates for you, including our new developer-oriented content at Microsoft Ignite (September 24th – 28th), Xamarin support for the latest Android Pie and iOS 12, and much more.

Microsoft Ignite targets developers with new content

Microsoft Ignite is back again this year from September 24th-28th in Orlando, Florida.  We have more developer-oriented content, plus many exciting sessions and speakers, including James Montemagno, Mark Smith, and other Xamarin experts who will take the stage to share what’s new in Xamarin and Visual Studio. Although Ignite is already sold out, the good news is that all of the sessions
will be live streamed and available offline on Channel 9 to watch at your convenience.

.NET Standard and Xamarin.Forms for the .NET developer

Cloud Developer Advocates Laurent Bugnion and Jeremy Likness discuss Xamarin.Forms and how it uses .NET Standard to provide cross-platform compatibility. Jeremy takes his first tour of a Xamarin.Forms app and sees how his experience as a .NET developer enables him to create native iOS and Android apps using C# and XAML. Jeremy and Laurent also talk about .NET Standard, the differences between Portable Class Libraries, and why you should probably move to this new cross-platform model soon.

Xamarin authentication with Azure Active Directory B2C

This is the first in a series of posts about implementing authentication and authorization in Xamarin using Azure AD, by Matthew Soucoup, a senior Cloud Developer Advocate. Matthew does an excellent job of explaining how Azure AD Business to Consumer (B2C) works and how to leverage it to secure access to the mobile applications you use with Xamarin.

Extend the capabilities of your app: save time by accessing native features with Xamarin.Essentials

Xamarin.Essentials provides an API set that gives you a huge advantage and helps to reduce development time, because you never have to leave your shared C# code to access native features such as Geolocation, Connectivity, Sensors, and more. Let us introduce you to Xamarin.Essentials and show you how to start taking advantage of dozens of native mobile OS features through a single access point.

Like Pie? Visual Studio App Center now supports Android 9 Pie!

Visual Studio App Center is the command center of your operations, providing the necessary DevOps features to ensure your application reaches your users as quickly and efficiently as possible. This latest update adds support for Android 9 Pie and extends the number of real devices available for testing to over 3,000.

Leverage the capabilities of the newest Android devices with Android Pie and Xamarin

Many of the newer Android devices include hardware features such as dual cameras and edge-to-edge screens. How do you optimize these components to ensure the best experience for your app? We take a look at the newest Android features and requirements, show you how to set up your development environment, and explore all the new features to help you take advantage of everything Android Pie 9 has to offer — all with code samples, of course!

Get your Xamarin apps ready for iOS 12

Apple’s iOS 12 release is just around the corner and Xamarin is here to help you prepare your application for the upcoming changes. From Siri Shortcuts and Core ML to CarPlay changes and HealthKit updates, we give you all the information you need to modernize your code and empower your users to do more with your application.

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